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Non-profit or Charity Websites

If you’re running a non-profit or charity organisation chances are you want as many funds as possible to go to the beneficiaries of your cause.

This means you’ll probably be looking around for free or low cost solutions to provide your online needs.

And there are a few, but the frustration with many of the ‘build your own website free’ is the following;

  • They’re packed with commercial advertisments
  • You have to build it yourself
  • The design layout is average and sometimes common for all
  • Other services can be compromised
  • Quality of the hosting
  • Locked into contract

If you’re happy with this trade-off no problem, but if you want freedom, flexibility and control you may want to stick with a professional website design company, someone you can trust and build a relationship with.

You’ve read it before… nothing is ever really free. Businesses who offer products and services free will need to make up the cost somewhere, and in ways we are no different. However our offer for non-profits or charitable organisations is genuine and transparent. We genuinely want to help and make a difference.

Just ask some of the latest organisations who have trusted us to help them with their online presence;


Does your organisation need professional help and support?

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