Websites for Non-Profit Organisations

Kiwa High Performance Web is committed to giving back to it’s local community through a professional services sponsorship.

Whether you are a sports club, religious organisation, charity for the sick or needy… if you are ‘not for profit’, we’d like to help.

The following policy has been developed to outline what we can offer a ‘not for profit’ organisation to help them get online and maintain their online presence;

Kiwa High Performance web will donate professional services in terms of ‘time’ to a qualifying organisation for the following;

  • A professional website
  • Approx 5 pages with content and images (you will be trained to learn how to add more)
  • Facebook page
  • Training and general help when required

This sponsorship does not cover items we need to pay for. The following are the items the not for profit organisation will need to meet;

  • Cost of the site theme (design template)
  • Monthly website hosting and technical management (software updates, security, backups, monitoring)
  • Programming for advanced functionality you may require
  • Domain name registration/renewal (discounted – if we register your domain name)
  • Email mailboxes (if required, aliases free)

With A Kiwa non-profit website, there are no locked in contracts, and full ownership of the website and domain name is granted to your organisation.

Has your organisation been searching for a web design solution you can afford and maintain?

Contact us with your details to see if you qualify and receive our full proposal.

Apply here >