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What type of website do you need?

An info web site to let people know;

Who you are
What you do
Where you are located
How to get in touch

An online eCommerce shop site;

To sell products
With 24/7 access
Open to the world
Easy to update

A customised bespoke solution;

Specific requirements
Advanced design

DIY build your own website;

Free/low cost

We have the solution to suit your needs and budget...

…but, no matter what you need your website to do, you will want it to do these 3 things in order to add value to your business;

  • Gain Traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Convert sales

Whether you’re after an online shop to sell products or an information site to promote your business it will need to be user friendly, google friendly, fast and responsive.

Kiwa High Performance Website development

If your web site were a race car would it have a highly-tuned power packed set of wild horses under the hood, or an arthritic hamster?

Stay ahead of the competition with a high performance web site from Kiwa.

State of the Art website hosting

Website hosting

No cheap hosting here. The websites we develop are hosted on the best technology available…
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Services we use to provide High Performance solutions

Wordpress the worlds most popular website builder
WP Engine best WordPress hosting solution
Cloudflare a global network built for the cloud
WooCommerce eCommerce platform for wordpress
elementor number 1 web creation platform for WordPress
codeable world class wordpress experts
yoast SEO Software

There was once an era where performance and style were inextricably linked

Create, monitor, report, fine tune, succeed - Kiwa high Performance web sites.
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