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responsive website design

Is your Website Responsive?

Websites are viewed on a whole range of different types of devices these days from smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Not only that, but all these devices come in varying screen sizes as well.

A responsive website is a website that displays perfectly on all these devices no matter what size the screen is.

Gone are the days were you have to pay to get a second site designed so it will display well on a smartphone. With a responsive website design your site will automatically resize to the device it’s displayed on.

Check it out… here is one of our responsive client sites – Swim Cook Strait – open it in your browser, resize the window and watch it change, or view it on your different devices. Fits perfectly every time, no matter what.

As part of your online success you’ll need to be easily accessible on all devices, particularly smart phones. If you haven’t got a responsive website contact us for a free quote, you’ll be surprised at the price.

Are you ready?

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