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Website Development Check List

Sadly many businesses today are designing their websites without any online strategy or marketing targets.

This could be due to budget constraints, lack of information or planning…

Simply designing a website, putting it on the web and doing nothing else, is like printing a stack of flyers and putting them in your drawer… just because you have a website doesn’t mean people are going to see it or use it.

Here is a checklist of 8 essential points for a fully high performing website.

These points can be implement at once or over time depending on your budget and business goals.

  • Plan your goals, strategy & tactics… So you know exactly what you want to achieve, the online project can be scoped out accurately in line with your expectations and quoted on accordingly.
  • Review/develop branding strategy and possibly develop stand-a-lone graphics to enhance branding and website content.
  • Design and set-up your new web or eCommerce site to a modern layout using a system that will allow you to control your website that is fully expandable for future changes and measurable for future decision making. Design and set-up new or review existing social media accounts and sharing facilities.
  • Invest in some professional copy writing – write new content and communicate effectively why your business is so special. Have your content formatted properly to make it more likely for a website visitor to contact you.
  • Monitor your website via reports in terms of it’s performance so you know what is happening and are in a position to make smart, informed decisions to meet your success goals.
  • Optimise your website fully so it is in the best shape possible for when search engines come crawling through. Improve usability an accessibility.
  • Training – learn how to use social media platforms effectively and develop a social media marketing plan. Training on how to use your website platform so you have effective control over your investment.
  • Invest in a Search Engine Marketing Campaign to improve search engine rankings and bring the right target market to your site.


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