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Server room in datacenter

Is your website investment backed-up with quality website hosting?

In order for a website to be published on the Internet it needs to be stored on a web server to be viewed via a web browser.

There are many website hosting companies to choose from and it’s a hugely competitive industry, but be aware, not all web hosting is equal. If you have chosen a hosting company because they are cheap, your website could be vulnerable to hackers, and spammers and you could end up selling ‘luxury replica watches’ without knowing it.

If your web site gets hacked it can send millions of emails out, shutting servers down and risk being blacklisted because of malicious files effecting your website and email.

We recommend avoiding cheap hosting companies. Not only do they attract spammers, they are also often difficult to get in touch with, have poor support and slow response times. Your website could also be slower on a cheap shared server because they are packed with thousands of other websites.

Ask your web developer about the quality of the server they have set your site up on. Make sure the money you have invested in your website is backed-up by a quality managed and monitored server. Like most things … you get what you pay for.

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