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https and google

SSL and Google rankings

In a bid to make the internet more secure, Google have announced benefits of securing your site with an SSL certificate.

While the industry have mixed feelings about this, Google have changed their algorithms to reward secure sites with a ranking boost.

Up until now it has been standard practice to secure Ecommerce and Banking related sites or sites with sensitive information stored in databases. But Google believes all internet related communication should be secure/encrypted by default and are taking measures to encourage this to happen.

They say you should even secure things like your blog, the reason being to protect the privacy of your visitors. SSL will also add to the security of your site from malicious attackers.

For more information have a listen to this video from google or read this Google article.


Of course there is a cost to setting up an SSL certificate – the certificate itself, annual updates, installation and a dedicated IP address. If you are interested in finding out more contact us and we can supply a full quote and description.

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