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Did your friend’s son develop your website?

I have rescued a few websites in my career as a web developer.

These websites I’ve rescued were initially built by a computer literate but amateur relative or a friend of a friend who dabbled in a bit of website design at school.

The problem with this is that while the ‘relative’ maybe able to write a bit of code and get a website online for you they are more than likely going to miss a whole range of essentials to ensure long term success for your business.

The businesses that go for this option might do so because of a limited budget, but if your end result is going to be simply some information online housed in poor design with no planning or promotion strategy, then it may as well not be done in the first place.

If your business requires a website but is on a limited budget, there are ways to keep the cost down, avoiding a professional web developer is not one of them.

The other issue with contracting an amateur is their current and future availability. When you want changes or further development, they have moved on, perhaps started a new career in their own area of expertise.

Engaging in the services of a professional web development company gives you the latest skills, experience, knowledge and a stable robust company to work with. They will advise you of the best way forward and be there to look after you in the future.

If you are on a limited budget talk to your web developer about this, they maybe able to arrange a process over time to ease the initial set-up cost, or work with you so you invest more time rather than dollars to help reduce costs.

Remember there is a difference between budget and cheap.

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