Meno-Me a website for women and their menopause

Meno-Me™ Ltd is a new company in New Zealand dedicated to helping women get through their menopause years. Instead of focusing on ‘the change of life’ Meno-Me™ wants to help make the menopause years the ‘time of your life’. Their lead product EstroG-100™ is a ground breaking herbal supplement clinically proven to address 10 of the main 12 symptoms of menopause including hot flushes and sleeplessness with no side effects.

Kiwa High Performance Web was contracted to build an eCommerce website for Meno-Me™. We had to deliver a website that provided the facilities to sell EstroG-100™, blogging capabilities, and good content. We engaged in an in-depth plan to make sure the website was found online by the many women searching for products, services and advice Meno-Me™ offers.

By getting the website foundations right, researching and setting up the website for quality content, Meno-Me™ is now well on the way to making a difference in many women’s lives in New Zealand.

Visit their website at –

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