DDoS Attacks Report

DDoS Attacks (Resolved)

Affecting Server – gecko | Priority – Critical
Date – 29/07/13 12:30 – 01/08/2013 15:00

During this time, our suppliers web hosting network experienced a high-capacity, repetitive denial-of-service (DDoS) attack generating over 2.5Gbps of bandwidth utilisation and 2.4TB of data consumption. This DDoS attack is the largest scale attack on their network they’d ever seen.

As a result of this attack there was a disruption of service to our clients while websites were moved the server to a new IP address. Unfortunately, this only isolated the attack for a brief period of time, as such my suppliers then continued to migrate clients to a new server with an entirely new IP range. This process was run overnight and required DNS records to propagate depending on the TTL’s set in DNS Zones.

The matter and all server logs has been passed to the New Zealand Police to persue the offenders.

Our supply company are also in the process or deploying a new, higher powered server with Cisco core switching and higher levels of DDoS protection.

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